FATHER JIMMY'S was created to be a space to escape your world and enter a new one, and to take a piece home with you.

Make your world magical.

The shop is filled with stones of every variety from all over the world including India and Egypt. Come in and get some palo santo and sage, and check out the loose tea from Morocco.

Our Staff & Vision

Jim (Jimmy) Egerton runs the shop with some help from his daughter Rae Yvonne Egerton. Shane Lessard is on staff in the tattoo shop.

The shop is an oasis away from the chaos of the world around you. A place to fill the senses with wonder and amazement, where people from all walks can enter and feel calm and at home. If you visit Father Jimmy's you might not want to leave, it feels good here. This is a space where handpicked treasures from around the world surround you. You can embrace questions and explore the world all right here. 

A True Transformation

An inspiration for change

The rough building previously used as a church and a salvation army location.

The beautifully renovated and refinished building as Father Jimmy's.